Using Shared Storage with a Cluster of Cloud Servers

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The IONOS Shared Storage is a useful element when designing and launching a cluster of Servidor Clouds. Learn how to set up a Shared Storage volume and integrate it into your Servidor Cloud cluster.


  • A Servidor Cloud account

Using Shared Storage in a Servidor Cloud Cluster

Shared Storage is a hard disk that can be connected to several servers for shared use. This allows you to synchronize information across multiple servers in a cluster, because it ensures that all of the servers are accessing the same data store.

This makes it a key element in many Servidor Cloud cluster configurations. For example, in the following cluster, the Shared Storage is the centerpiece of a high-availability cluster.

To create a Shared Storage, follow the steps in the article Creating a Shared Storage.

Assigning Servers and Integrating Shared Storage

In order to use Shared Storage in a Servidor Cloud cluster, each server in the cluster will need to be assigned to the Shared Storage, and the Shared Storage will need to be integrated on each server in the cluster.

To assign servers to the Shared Storage, see the article Assigning a Shared Storage to a Server.

To integrate Shared Storage on each server in the cluster, see the following articles: