Create a Blogging Network with Shared Storage

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This use case will explore the topic of using the Servidor Cloud platform to easily create a network of blogging sites, one per Servidor Cloud. The user also wants all of the servers to be able to access the same set of image files on a shared storage volume.

Scenario 1: Configuring the Initial Server

The user begins by setting up a Servidor Cloud to their basic specifications. This includes installing a blogging platform such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla.

The user also installs and configures a number of Apache modules (such as mod_rewrite and mod_evasive) and installs their preferred set of custom plug-ins for their blogging platform.

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Scenario 2: Building Out the Servers

After the initial server is set up with everything it needs, the user can now build out the other servers through the Cloud Panel. This process takes only a few clicks, using the Clone Server feature on the Cloud Panel.

Each cloned server will need a small amount of customization. This will include installing the domain's customized blog theme/template, and pointing a domain name to the Servidor Cloud.

Scenario 3: Sharing Storage

The user wants to upload stock photography images to a single storage volume, which all of the Servidor Clouds will access. This lets the user manage their stock photography in one location. This is a significant time savings over having to constantly add and remove images from each of the user's Servidor Clouds.

To do this, the user creates a Shared Storage and then integrates it on each of their Servidor Clouds: