Intro to Plesk

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Plesk is a third-party web hosting control panel which lets you add and manage websites, perform server administration tasks, and coordinate hosting reseller subscriptions, all through an easy-to-use web interface. Get an overview of how to use Plesk, and some of the many options that can be installed and managed through this administration tool.

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Creating a Plesk Server

Although it is possible to install Plesk manually on an existing server, we recommend creating a new server with Plesk pre-installed. If you have an existing server you wish to administer through Plesk, simply migrate all of the sites and data over to the new Plesk server. Then cancel the old server when you are finished with the migration process.

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Getting Started with Plesk

After you have created a Plesk server, consult the following articles to learn more about how to perform basic server administration tasks with Plesk, including adding a domain, setting up email, and managing databases.

Installing Software

Whenever possible, software should be installed and managed through the Plesk interface. There are a few rare cases where software cannot be installed through Plesk. However, most software packages and modules can be installed, managed, and upgraded through the Plesk interface.

The following articles offer in-depth tutorials on using software packages on Plesk:


Server security is always an important consideration for any server administrator. Learn how to perform some of the basic server security procedures in the following articles, including how to install an SSL certificate, and how to install and use the ModSecurity Apache module.