Improving Performance on Apache

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Learn use cases for improving the performance of the Apache web server. Apache performance affects a website's loading time, and is a vital part of tuning the performance of a website or web application.

Scenario 1: Optimize with Google's PageSpeed Module

Google has released a set of free Apache modules which are designed to improve a web site's performance. These modules are also designed to integrate with Google's PageSpeed Insights, which rates a website's performance on a scale from 1-100.

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Scenario 2: Content Caching

Caching content is an excellent way to improve Apache's performance. Content which is in a cache does not need to be retrieved from the server in order to be served to the visitor, which greatly improves response times.

Apache is capable of several kinds of content caching, including key/value and file caching. We have a tutorial on how to implement basic HTTP content caching, which is the most commonly used form of caching with Apache.

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Scenario 3: Fine-Tuning

There are many other improvements that can be made to fine-tune the performance of the Apache web server. We have outlined steps for three methods in the article 3 Ways to Improve Apache Web Server Performance