Partner Portal - Two Possibilities, One Solution

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There is one constant that you are likely to realize when working with clients: there are no standard solutions. Each client's website, online advertising or social media is tailored to fit their needs, and some potential clients may have existing websites or deigns that they want to build upon. But regardless of whether your potential client already has a IONOS package or would need your help to host their website, the Partner Portal can accomodate either. Let us explain the possibilities:

Your Client Has a 1&1 IONOS Package

The advantage for you is that client already has a hosting pacakge you can work with. The disadvantage is that sometimes the package is not adequate for the client's needs. You have the ability to gain access to your client's account, at which point you can always discuss switching to a more suitable hosting package, as well as initiating this package change for your client. You can also add domains or increase the performance level of the hosting package if needed. Of course it's always imperitive you consult with your client beforehand!

You Recommend a Hosting Solution to Your Client

If your potential client does not have a hosting plan, you will need to discuss the options available and likely make a recommendation. When you acquire multiple clients, you may find that managing many websites, hosted at a variety of hosting providers, all with different login information can become time-consuming and inefficient. The Partner Program allows you access to your client's accounts through the Partner Portal, allowing you quick and easy access without the need to search for their hosting provider, their login info, or wonder what resources their hosting plan offers. By allowing the client to let you access their account, both you and your client can save time and stress, all while the client remains the official account holder of their own hosting plan and data.

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