Creating a Cloud Panel Firewall Policy

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Create a firewall policy to allow certain types of network traffic.

  • In the left menu, click Network > Firewall Policies.
  • Click Create.
  • Enter a name for the firewall policy.
  • In the Protocol list, select a protocol.
  • In the fields From Port and To port, enter the desired port numbers.


For security reasons, the outgoing SMTP port 25 has been locked. If you want to use the SMTP port please contact customer support.

  • In the Allowed IP field, enter the desired IP address. If you do not want to set an IP address, leave the field blank.
  • To save the rule, click the checkmark.
  • Optional: Create additional rules.
    • To delete a rule, click on -.
    • To create the firewall policy, click Create.

The firewall policy will be created.

Once the firewall policy is active, you can assign a server to it.