1&1 IONOS experts hack for the project ID4me Plugin Fiesta

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ID4me is another single sign-on solution that focuses on privacy and independence from Internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. The aim of the project, in which the experts from IONOS provide on-site support, is to facilitate the dissemination of ID4me. We want to support the developer communities of common content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla to give them tools to integrate ID4me with minimal effort.

You are cordially invited to join us. ID4me's Technical Work Group, including the developers and product owners of IONOS and Denic, will be there to answer your questions and to provide impetus for further development of the standard.

ID4me was developed as an alternative to traditional logins that puts the control over the digital identity back into the hands of the user. This can allow the user to control how much data he is willing to share with a system.

Based on open and DNS-based standards, ID4me allows the user to use various Web services that support the standard without having to set up an additional customer account. This way the user has control over which personal data is to be made available to the service and which is not.

Aim of the project

With our project, we are pursuing the goal of making it easier for hosting, cloud and SaaS providers to start using the ID4me standard. The participants will develop libraries or plugins, whereby a large variety of languages, frameworks and other projects is desired. So everyone can use their favourite technology.

At the end of the session, participants should solve one or more of the following problems:

1. creation of a code library which meets the technical aspects of the ID4me client protocol in the programming language of your choice and thus facilitates the integration of the ID4me login for application developers.

2. creation of an ID4me login button for a service or platform. This can be done as an extension, plugin or direct integration, and should enable users to access the service. Of course, the service should also be able to receive the data released by the user.

3. allow the service to issue ID4me credentials to the new user so that they can easily log in to the service.

Info and documentation

In order to familiarize yourself with ID4me in the run-up to the CloudFest Hackathon, please visit https://www.id4me.org or visit https://id4me.org/for-developers/relying-party specifically.

The plugins and libraries that will be created in the Hackathon will then be listed on https://id4me.org/for-developers/relying-party .

The IONOS Community editors will also be on site to report on what's happening. Updates can be found here.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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